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New dedicated server (2.5.0)

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ds dude:
My opinion is theres nuttin wrong with it.Its very cool.Keep it up. :)

Nothing wrong with it?
The features are great but theres bugs man, of course theres somthing wrong with bugs. ^_^

I second that, Sethamundo. When I tried to change in-game from realistic to normal it crashed and I had to restart the server from my control panel. So, hope the patch is released soon. Great new features.

I like that /kill-Taunts now reduce ur kills.
That is especially in 1on1s useful. ::)
Though sker can still kill themselves by jumping intoa nade.
It would be nice if every selfkill leads to a reduction of your kill  ;)

well, i wouldn't like that, fed.eag.o
Or maybe an option...

Anyways, to fix that server crash untill patch is released, make sure you have ASE_Support=0 in your server's  soldat.ini


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