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I came across this and immediately thought of how hard a time some people have finding sound effects for their mods:

Maybe that will help, I know a lot of people come here looking for sounds or post that they can't find any.  Maybe some of those sites will help, plus maybe taking parts of other sound effects and manipulating them (speeding them up, slowing them down, changing the tone, etc) will result in sound effects that are desired for mods.

just what i needed cheers

Looks promising. Stickying for now.

Laser Guy:
Another great website with sounds is

Keron Cyst:
Here's a ZIP of 190 random sounds (mostly weapons, though also some miscellaneous atmospheric war noise), ranging from SMGs, silenced guns, rifles, all sorts of pistol fire, rocket and explosion sounds (one used in Raiden), and the StarCraft SCV's "Affirmative," "Job finished," and "Roger that."

I think I downloaded it years ago from the modding section of an ancient Deer Hunter website before it went kaput.


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