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Mod launcher tool with weapon preview v1.1.0.0 [update]

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Serial K!ller:
Made a modlauncher tool with a preview of the weapons and bullets:

See topic : Mod launcher with weapons preview & stats [Update¬≥]  (v1.1.0.0)

Modlauncher.ini info for mod makers:

- modlauncher.ini must be in the modfolder (f.e. C:/soldat/mods/modfolder/modlauncher.ini)

- Modlauncher.ini options

  let modlauncher ask to change the interface (when enabled) in soldat.ini
      code: interface=Modinterface1;modinterface1_1280x1024;Modinterface2;modinterface2_1280x1024
    Interface folder must be in /Custom-Interfaces/ and player must be registred to make this work.)
- Load config program from modlaucher.exe
      code : config=myconfigprogram
    (without '.exe' and config must be in soldat folder or /mods/ (sub)folder).
    When no config is set and a executable exists with the same name as the mod's folder in soldat main folder it will be assumed as the mod's config (Ivan's configurator)
      code : closeonconfig=0/1
      Close modlauncher on config launch yes(1) or no(0)

Modlauncher.ini Example

--- Code: ---interface=Modinterface1;modinterface1_1280x1024;Modinterface2;modinterface2_1280x1024

--- End code ---

It's wicked and sick. Nothing else I could say. You should release it here as well. Not just link-post in topic. It wouldn't hurt I think.

Stickying since this is sweet utility. I'll probably make a sticky dedicated to modding utilities [like Ivahn's Mod Config and Interface Maker] here later, since I can imagine some new modders not immediately thinking of going to the Fan Apps section [and that place is crowded enough already anyways].

Serial K!ller:
Updated and added modlaucher.ini file to add more functionality. See first post for more info to use it for your mod.

First off, I'd like to go slightly off topic.
I've loved Soldat for years, it was a great way pass time back when I played it alot. but, I've been ignoring it for awhile.
Well, I thought I'd like to get started up again, since I wanted to create something  with MS paint...
Found out recently that is offline, kinda sad...
Anyway, I thought I'd start here, and work on something recent.


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