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#soldatladder is a place where you can borrow a server to play your CW's on. These servers come loaded with custom maps giving you the oppurtunity (if you want) to play CW's with custom maps.

To borrow a server just join #soldatladder on IRC QuakeNet and do:
!cw <place> <mode>
For example. "!cw eu inf" will give you are european located server with settings for a inf clanwar if you instead want realistic settings do "!cw eu real" after that you will be pm:ed a link to the server and can start playing your cw on it.
Other IRC commands are:
!cwstatus - Shows status(how, many servers that are free and what types etc).
!cwstats <mode> <ingamenick> - shows stats for that nick.

In game there are several useful commands available.
!help - to see all commands available
!p - to pause the game
!up to resume the game
!map map_name - to change map
!random - changes to a random map(of the custom maps)
!currentmaps to see a list of available custom maps(all normal maps are available as well)
!r- to restart the current map
!ub - to unban last player banned
!alpha- moves you to alpha
!bravo - moves you to bravo
!spec - moves you to spec
!stats - shows your stats for this particular game mode

Stats and ladder:
Stats and ladder can be found at here. The Ladder is based on the ELO Rating system. The individual stats are calculated in a way that promotes teamwork and just not plain killing as the normal stats usally do, meaning that capping/winning actually affects your stats here.

Except for the normal default maps their are several custom maps for inf and htf which can be found at the servers(download):

The website is located at here you find stats, ladder and some info.

#soldatladder - our main channel

Thanks goes out to,Soldatcentral, and m4c for support and servers.

i love that ctf_Tae map. Servers from eu great. I had a nice cusrom cw, but i always got out at end of the map coz of some maps what i havent (all xD)

well you can download them all by using this link


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