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Hello Everyone!
I've been away for nearly a year from these forums, yet my website has been churning away in the background ever since.

As some of you might know (or remember :p ) I scripted
Frenchie's SLAP (Soldat Lobby Avec Players) A searchable player/server list -
Frenchie's MAD (Map Automation Daemon) An automatic map downloading database (largest soldat map database!) -
(More info on these projects can be found in the Developers Corner)

Recently I had to renew my hosting, not because the time was up. It was because the site had reached it's size limit (1.5GB) because of all the automatic downloads by MAD (maps, scenery, texture), so I upgraded to the next plan (5GB) :)
MAD continues to download atleast 10-20 maps a day. (At the time of posting this - it has 6866 maps)

Now this has sparked some interest for me in finishing some more Soldat related projects. (I have a little one I wish to complete)

But There is one thing I really need to work on.. And thats the template/ style of the website.
I need help with this, cause design work holds me back (I'm not too good at it :p ). So I'm asking if anyone could possibly help me by any means possible. Be it scripting, sketching, designing, advicing on a new style or template for  It would be greatly appreciated :)

PS. As I have been away/ really busy (still am :) )I would like to know what you think about SLAP or MAD. Any advice / comments? Please Share :)

PSS: Little side note, ever day over the last months the largest downloader of maps was from a polish IP using an identifier of something like 'MAD Downloader 0.1' if you know who please tell me. I'm very interested because I'm really happy that someone is taking advantage of MAD (one of the reasons I didn't block direct access to the map / scenery & texture folders. :)

are u kiddin me? create teh mappacks...


--- Quote from: Bonecrusher on March 30, 2009, 10:34:19 am ---are u kiddin me?

--- End quote ---
You'll have to fill me in here, cause I don't get it.
How I am kidding you?

--- Quote ---create teh mappacks...

--- End quote ---
What mappack?


--- Quote from: Frenchie on March 30, 2009, 12:04:39 pm ---You'll have to fill me in here, cause I don't get it.
How I am kidding you?

--- Quote ---create teh mappacks...

--- End quote ---
What mappack?

--- End quote ---
I think he finds it insane to have to download all the maps in MAD individually. He wants you to make a map pack with all of MAD's maps in it.

nice work on those sites, btw.

Wow, I really like SLAP. I find it very useful. Back on topic, unfortunately I can't help you with page design.


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