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Driven By Anger |Driven|
« on: June 10, 2006, 03:35:08 pm »
Hello this is Poseidon as you can tell and i am recruiting for ~dBa| we have about 9 members so far and we are looking for 10-12 Leet
playesr we have a web site , We have a server 20249 puerto, Were in SrL for the fun of it and try to win in that, we will join the next Sctfl and will be active through this summer + forever,our members consists of


Name: Kryptonite - MSN:
Name: undead - MSN:


Name: Frigid` - MSN:, AIM: fridgee6


1. The Prophecy - MSN:
2. SethaMundo - MSN:
3. CoolDS - XFire:coolds
4.Marble - MSN:
5. Crane - MSN:, AIM: cranedrop, YAHOO: cranedrop
6.Gohen- msn

Total 12 Active Members

Server: 20249 puerto

Ventrilo: 3220 fractured
Driven By Anger

Please Fill out Recruitment sticky on the site or just do it here if u please

Soldat Name:
Main Weapon:
Main Secondary:
Best Ctf Map:
Route Main/Alt
Why us
Thank you we will be contacting you soon if u have filled this out my msn is see you in the Future XD