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LogEye (IP/HWID tracker: ARSSE/BakaAdmin/SoldatServer support)

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LogEye is an IP/HWID tracking tool that works with ARSSE/BakaAdmin/SoldatServer logs*.
 * ARSSE dev. version 1.2.9 or newer

This application is similar to iFrag's ARSSE IP Tracker. In fact I started writting it before I saw iFrag's work :)

I. How does it work
- It scans log files and creates a data file based on scanned items
- Further work executes the data file created earlier, not the logs

II. Features
- Search by IP, HWID, Name, Server, Date
- Search using glob patterns (wildcards)
- Update data files with unique entries only*
 * Select an existing data-file while saving scanning results and hit the "Update" button

III. Interface
Screenshot 1. Main window

1. "Open" - open a saved database file2. "Save" - export search results as Txt or HTML*3. "Scan" - show scanning menu (ARSSE/SoldatServer)4. "QuickUpdate" - run a database quick update function5. "Stop" - stop the scanning process (enabled while scanning only)6. "Settings" - show settings menu7. "Help" - wildcards manual information8. "About" - program information * You can customize both Txt & HTML output formats in the settings file (LogEye.ini)

Screenshot 2. Update/Replace dialog

In case of saving a data file with the name of the existing one, you will be able to choose an action:
"Update" - to update selected database file with the new unique entries from the log files"Replace" - to replace (rewrite) the file and create a new database
Screenshot 3. Servers dialog

You are able to change server names and exclude servers (folders) from scanning before the scanning process begins.

Screenshot 4. QuickUpdate settings dialog

QuickUpdate is an easy way to update your database with only one click.
To set up the QuickUpdate options first time click on the "QuickUpdate" button or use "Settings" menu to access the options dialog again.
You are able to set the default scanning path and last update date* for both ARSSE and SoldatServer logs.
* date automatically alters while updating

Note: As it's a "quick" update, you are not able to change server names and/or exclude some of them from scanning. For example: If you have logs from one server in ARSSE and SoldatServer format and want them to merge together with QuickUpdate, then both folder names must be same.

IV. Step by step manual
1. Creating data files:
- Click "Scan" button and select ARSSE/BakaAdmin/SoldatServer item from the popup menu
- Select log files directory (if you select a folder with no log files in it, program will try to find logs in first-level subfolders)
- Select path/file name for saving scanned data

2. Updating data files:
- Click "Scan" button and select ARSSE/BakaAdmin/SoldatServer item from the popup menu
- Select log files directory (if you select a folder with no log files in it, program will try to find logs in first-level subfolders)
- Select file name of the existing database file you want to update
- Click "Update" button in Update/Replace dialog

3. Searching:
- Click "Open" button and select saved data file*
- Fill search filed(s) (IP, HWID, Name, Server, Date) and click "Search" button or press Enter key
 * database opens automatically after scanning finished

V. Additional functions
1. Double click the cell to use it's value as a search parameter
2. Right click on the row in results list to show context menu:
   - Copy IP/HWID/Name/Server/Date&Time
   - Copy entire row
   - WhoIs lookup
    * WhoIs service URL can be changed in the settings file (LogEye.ini)

VI. Wildcards manual
Wildcards can substitute for one or more characters when searching for data in a database. The following wildcards can be used:
* Substitutes zero or more characters? Substitutes any one character[charlist] Substitutes one character from a group. A group can be a list of characters, e.g. [abcd], or a range of characters, e.g. [a-d] which is the same as [abcd][^charlist] Substitutes any single character NOT in the group, e.g. [^a-zA-Z0-9] substitutes any character that is NOT alphanumericTip: Use [charlist] to substitute "*",  "?" and "[" characters
VII. Command line switches
/db <path> Use to load specified database on application startup/updUse with /db switch to update loaded database/ip <ip>Use with /db switch to search by IP/hwid <hwid>Use with /db switch to search by HWID/serv <server>Use with /db switch to search by Server/date <date>Use with /db switch to search by Date/silentUse with /upd switch to run database update in a silent mode, without GUI/debugFor debugging purpose only/helpTo show this helpTip:You can use both "/" and "-" symbols to prefix switches

--- Code: ---LogEye.exe /db servers.db
LogEye.exe /db "D:\Games\SoldatServer\Logs\Big Brother Is Watching You.db" /upd
LogEye.exe /db data.db /upd /silent
LogEye.exe /db MyDatabase.db /upd /date "2015-05" /serv "MyServ"
--- End code ---

VIII. Changelog
+ Added feature | - Removed feature | ~ Fixed feature | % Modified feature | * Comment

Version 0.3.0 (02 May 2015):
+ Added native Linux binaries (32/64-bit versions)
+ Added open database file via Drag&Drop onto LogEye executable in Explorer [Windows]
- Removed deprecated MSAC GUIDs support
~ Fixed GUI controls glitches (reported by Bistoufly) [Windows]
% Modified database structure (based on Prodigyx' suggestions)
% Modified database format validation (checking for SQLite3 header now)
% Modified [Alt + 1..5] and [Alt + X] shortcuts to [Ctrl + 1..5] and [Ctrl + X]
% Modified icons set

Version 0.2.0 (22 Feb 2013):
+ Added 64-bit version
+ Added BakaAdmin logs support
+ Added Drag&Drop support for database open function
+ Added infotips for a toolbar buttons
+ Added keyboard shortcuts for a toolbar buttons
+ Added shortcut [Alt + X] for reseting all search fields
+ Added proper GUI resizing
+ Added restore window position feature
% Modified search results sorting (made it bi-directional)
% Modified log files detection algorithm
~ Fixed search results sorting bug with an empty results list
~ Fixed bug when manually disabled servers were processed incorrectly
~ Fixed bug with behaviour of Uncheck all option in servers list context menu

Version 0.1.60 (26 Oct 2011):
+ Added HWID field (based on Hardware Identifiers from SoldatServer 2.7.0 and above)
+ Added "hwid <hwid>" command line switch and "%hwid" export format placeholder
+ Added shortcuts for search fields focusing ([Alt + 1] for IP, [Alt + 2] for HWID, etc.)
% Modified parser to work with Soldat 1.6.0+ (ARSSE/SoldatServer) logs

Version 0.1.55 (15 Jun 2011):
+ Added "help", "ip <ip>", "guid <guid>", "serv <server>", "date <date>" command line switches
~ Fixed search results sorting bug
% Modified WhoisURL setting (new export format placeholders could be used in addition to the %ip)
% Modified MSAC GUIDs parser (to support both new and old formats)

Version 0.1.53 (10 May 2011):
+ Added search results export feature (customizable Txt & HTML formats)
+ Added search results sorting feature
~ Fixed search by GUID case sensitivity bug (made insensitive)
~ Fixed few GUI bugs
% Modified minor GUI settings

Version 0.1.51 (13 Mar 2011):
+ Added "silent" command line switch
~ Fixed QuickUpdate settings save bug
% Modified MSAC GUIDs parser (to support both new and old formats)

Version 0.1.50 (02 Mar 2011):
+ Added application auto update feature
~ Fixed few bugs
% Modified minor GUI settings

Version 0.1.48 (27 Feb 2011):
+ Added database QuickUpdate feature
+ Added command line switches
~ Fixed few bugs

Version 0.1.46 (16 Feb 2011):
+ Added GUID field (based on MSAC's Globally Unique IDs for SoldatServer 2.6.5)
+ Added context menu for the results list
~ Fixed Unicode support bug
~ Fixed search by Name with "Case sensitive" option enabled bug
~ Fixed search by Date with "Use wildcards" option disabled bug
% Modified INI settings
% Modified GUI settings

Version 0.1.45 (08 Feb 2011):
% Modified database format (switched to SQLite)
* Code has been rewritten. Next changelogs will use this version as their base

Version 0.0.36 (28 Jun 2009):
% Modified minor GUI settings

Version 0.0.35 (27 Jun 2009):
+ Added ARSSE logs support
+ Added "Use wildcards" as an option
~ Fixed minor GUI bug
% Modified minor GUI settings

Version 0.0.34 (03 Apr 2009):
~ Fixed default open/save paths bug
% Modified minor GUI settings

Version 0.0.33 (02 Apr 2009):
* First public beta

New icons were based on icons made by: Amit Jakhu, Dave Gandy, Freepik from (licensed by CC BY 3.0) and Kaneiderdaniel from (licensed by CC BY-SA 3.0)

This is still a beta version, so feel free to post your comments and suggestions.

Wow this looks pretty cool! Good job!

wow :D I was impressed by the Name of the program :D LogEye
Why don't we make more programs like that: Some of my suggestions:


:D Good jub though, it has very good looking.

I'm waiting for someone who will test it. I need some critics about it's usability.

Naming variables and your programs is one of the hardest things in programming :D

Ok I know im gunna feel dumb when i get the answer but my server outputs .log's. How do I convert them to .db?


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