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Estonian translation, including: <1.6.9, last non-Steam 1.7.1, Steam 1.7.1

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Note: Those of you that are looking for the translation, it's at the bottom of this post (as an attachment). The newest included translation version supersedes/updates the one of mine which is included in 1.7.1. Read further about version compatibility at the ending section of this post.

[Original post:]

I'm translating Soldat into Estonian

I translated most of it already months ago during one night and fixed/updated it a couple of times later but there are still some lines about which I'd like to know where they are seen in-game, so I could be 100% sure my translations are correct there, these lines are (the list has been later modified according to what I've come to know, the ones below are still uncertain):

103 (Recieve:)
104 (Send:)
145 (Download map)
192 (Requesting forwarded game...) - about this one by the way: Is it meant requesting a connection from a server that's forwarded(from behind a router/firewall/switch) or ...?
231 (from the game)
251 (Lobby server pinging from)
319 (Kill limit:) - There's a couple of those, I got the rest of them, but I'm yet to find out where this is seen, probably translated correctly though
614 (Recording)
624 (Vote:)
686 (Failed to load)
693 (Activated weapon:)
694 (Deactivated weapon:)
The 729 & 730 use English colors so the output on those is linguistically mixed
775 (Key) (Probably for additional mouse keys?)

I hope somebody has time to help on that :)

Edit: Removed the lines that I've come to know

About attached translations -

estonianSteam20200417.txt (1.7.1 Steam)
The newest version of the translation for version 1.7.1 (Steam release). Probably mostly usable in non-Steam 1.7.0+ as well.

estonian_290716.txt (1.7.0+ non-Steam)
The last non-Steam version of the translation I made that is only compatible with versions 1.7.0 and above, as some of the lines in the language file have been recycled for usage by new lines.

estonian_300415.txt (<1.6.9)
While it was made at around version 1.6.8, it should still be fully compatible with the various 1.6 and 1.5 Soldat versions (the most notable difference since 1.5 should be the BattlEye's replacement in the strings). Compared to the older translations of mine (foremost estonian163_1.txt and older) there have been various overall changes.

About the ini files -
Although they're effectively copies of the English equivalents (as they were at the time the translations were respectively made), they're necessary so the game could load the details about how to display the text (it needs to have the same name as the .txt file in order to work).

Where to place the files -
You need to place the downloaded files to the Soldat\Txt\Languages folder and choose the respective file name in Soldat's config from the Language tab.

Since I didn't find anything in the rules section directly against double-posting, I hope this is tolerable since this post reflects somewhat a 'progress in the topic' that would otherwise (by just editing the initial post) perhaps go unnoticed.

Anyway, although I got no feedback, I've decided to make my current translation available for anyone who is be interested in it. It has slightly improved since the last post and is technically ready, the few spots i was querying about are probably (tolerably) correct. If somebody can help though, with finding those lines, or note what you would like to see different in the translation or point out typos, I hope you can spare a moment. : ]

Edit@14.08.2011:The current translation files are now attached to the first post in the topic.

Old additional contents of the post:
The translation files ((for 1.5)estonian_verB2.txt and estonian_verB2.ini,(Edit: now B4) the latter of which is really a copy of the english one, but suits estonian fine) should be visible in the bottom of this post. For those who are wondering - the files are to be placed to the Soldat\Txt\Languages folder

Edit2: I've also created a translation for Soldat beta (files estonian_151b.txt & estonian_151b.ini) that include also fixes to older material
Updated to suit (f)

103 (Recieve:)
104 (Send:)
--> Press F3 ingame and look at the top right.

145 (Download map)
--> Maybe when you want to join a server with a map you don't have.

184 (Clanmatch enabled)
--> The changelog shows that it was introduces with version 1.0.5b and again fixed with v1.2.0 but I don't know of any location it could appear. Maybe it's about the possiblity to somehow change the server-config to a "clanmatch"-config while you're ingame as an admin. But I think it's an option which is either forgotten or which has never been used.
Edit: Or maybe it has something to do with this option in the config. But I still don't know where the string "Clanmatch enabled" could appear.

614 (Recording)
--> It has something to do with demos, since it's the only thing I could connect it with Soldat. So maybe it's the message which appears when you press F8 or type "RECORD [demoname]" as a cmd.

646 (Hold fire to shoot, while crouching or prone)
--> Appears when you use the weapon LAW for the first time afaik.
647 (Can be thrown by holding throw weapon button)
--> Appears when you use the knife for the first time afaik.
648 (Hold fire to shoot, inaccurate while moving)
--> Appears when you use the weapon "Barret" for the first time afaik.

That's all I can think of at the moment.

Clanmatch mode in soldat just makes everyones pants the same colour, and I think the text clanmatch enabled shows up in the console when you join a server with the setting enabled.

Thank you for your replies. : )

For me at least the top right shows the following indicators: RnC/S - only when hosting, R/S - probably the Received/Sent and S/S, maybe those are as well not in use anymore. #145 is probably correctly translated, yet to further examine, where exactly seen. The clanmatch one I had actually figured out already, also the first time messages for weapons. The demo recording doesn't seem to show that particular string anywhere though.

I've also updated the files in the second post to reflect some updates I've made to the translation


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