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improved DoubleDomination
« on: May 25, 2009, 12:21:12 pm »
Script Name: DoubleDomination
Script Description: Improved it and made it possible to capture a plattform in the moment you stand on it (uses Damage_idle) to prevent unfair gameplay and bugs. Also reduced the code to a third of the old one and made it possible to create your own maps. Just create a new map[p].ini (with p = already existing ini's + 1) regarding the already existing ones and add 2 positions with X and Y and a radius R in which plattform A or B should be in and change the constant INI in the script-core to the new value. The Plattforms in your map have to be deadly polygons , otherwise it doesn't work. If there are any further questions regarding mapping just ask me (#soldatfreaks).
Original Author(s): Dr.Thrax
Core Version:2.6.5

I also changed the maps so that the plattforms are deadly too. To prevent any misunderstanding i changed the names to DD_Map instead of ctf_DD_Map

Here is the script-core and the "new" maps:

ScriptCore and Maps (without scenery&texture)

I really would enjoy having some new better maps than mine maps and I would upload them to to play them. There is also the possibility to add Teleporters to a map , editing the map.ini. If there is any interest follow the existing examples. Thank you for your patience :)

There is still the possibility to play them on
(already added one new map: DD_Idoma)

and plz report bugs if there are any!

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