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Soldat.IDE - would you use it?

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Proudly announces:
Soldat.IDE - v0.1.1
Hi everyone,
I recoded the whole IDE with Lazarus, so it can be built for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

The source will be released on github as soon as the first version is available.

What are the features?
* Syntax Highlighting* "Syntax-Checker" (see screenshot)
* A Project Wizard - Downloads current stable or version of the dedicated server.
* Run and Stop server from IDE.

* Code Completion
* Code-Snippet-Database / Code repository
* Maybe a Debugger(?)
* Remote Coding. Code for a remote server from your local machine.
* Auto-Updating
* Import Projects
* Autoformat

Windows Build showing the Code-Debugger:

Linux Build showing new project wizard:

So - if you've got ideas - reply. If you want to know more - reply. If you want to help - reply.


Old Screenshots

Hell yes I would. As an added bonus; if its open source, I would make love with your eye sockets.

OpenSource? Hm. Maybe later. When the code is cleaned up :D

funny, i was just thinking not half an hour ago about how nice an IDE for soldat scripting would be...


--- Quote from: ManSoft|Warlord on May 28, 2009, 12:05:58 am ---(...)F1 on a Soldat-Function opens a browser to*functionname*(...)

--- End quote ---
Ah make an own help section. I want to use this when there's no internet connection.


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