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Pixel art tutorial - Complete

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I've written a tutorial on how to make pixel art from nothing up, the example being an interface-gfx gun for Soldat.

The tutorial shows, step by step, how to start with this:

And end with this:

Comments, critique, questions, praise? Feel free to post it.

Well first of all, it's really cool, so keep up the work.
- I didn't see how to get back to the toturial after cliking any of the ''welcome, art, code...'' (hard to find)
- the background is a bit disturbing, rather have nothing I think. (It get's overlapped)

Its good to point out that with most modern weapons there are 3 sections namely the stock the receiver and the barrel.

also the important role that lighting plays in making weapons look good.

and finally coloring and shading (which gos with the lighting).

That is actually really useful. Sticky maybe?

I will definately refer to this later, I bookmarked it ;)

you missed the outline.


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