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Lounge stickies
« on: June 05, 2009, 08:16:54 am »
For a start, there's too many of them, if I had my way there'd be at MOST 4 stickies per subforum including rules, maybe even change the rules colour to red so it gets it's required attention.

The lounge is very active, threads get pushed back quite a lot very quickly, maybe they'd last longer with less stickies.

Some of them just don't deserve being there. I cant imagine a new guy coming along, and reading a huge list of image upload sites and trying out each one to see what's the fastest, especially not with the shortage of information in the list.  Not that the thread is a bad idea but i think it's worth less than the clutter it contributes to.

And about the religious debate thread, I liked it the old way.  sometimes I would read those threads (which were largely on-topic), and it should be noted that they were generally based on a category of religious debate (from what i've read at least), and I didn't see more than one religion thread on the same page.

I believe a cleanup would do the lounge justice.

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