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* |update 06.16.2009|the most important thing is done! his dude is running, climbing and jumping! ;D
check out the in-game video!
from MM's blog

i think that Link-Dead came to us closer than ever for last years

--- Quote ---LD is finally becoming reality.
--- End quote ---
MM's progress in his work is just amazing...
I wanted to know what do you guys think about it

ill keep posting the most important news here, stay tuned

ps: cant wait for LD 0.9.4 release ;D

* |update June 27th 2009|MM start to REWRITE (!) the network code. Goodluck Mickey.

* |June 27th 2009|
--- Quote from: MM ---Number 1 rule if you want to ship your game. DO NOT WRITE CODE THAT ISN’T USEFUL RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. I’ve made this sin and now I regret.
--- End quote ---
bha. ha. ha.

|June 29th 2009|
MM got his damn netcode working. Hallelujah!

|July 7th 2009|
I’ve been working on the netcode for the last few days without internet connection. It is amazing how much work you can do without the devil. ;D

|July 13th 2009|
upgrading the Netcode
I need to test it in real conditions. I think I might release a little test version publicly soon.
|July 20th 2009|
after rewriting the part of his network (jep, again) MM write a wonderful article:
I’m a genius
I got angry at the physics code for being limited. So what I did is make Box2D (Box2D=LDTestEngine - lil remark) work with tiles collision. This means that the game is not limited now to some memory issues. Infinite maps are reality now in the Link-Dead engine. I am not using them cause they are loaded into memory (for fast loading times). I can make them load from hard drive and that would allow for gigantic maps. But I’m not doing that cause there will be a slight loading hick-up; about 100ms. Doesn’t seem like much but in a multiplayer game that is a matter of life and death.
I tested a map 15 screens by 15 screens large and it generates and loads in about 15 seconds. This is a really good score even before optimizations.

I’m really proud of myself for doing this. I want to thanks the lack of internet for pushing me to do this.
(wow [retard])

|July 21st 2009|
NEW Physics code
It’s a lot faster; no framerate drop.(

|July 26th 2009|
MM start to take some part for the gameplay, the netcode is working.
I’m gonna be working on gameplay stuff now for the test release.yes, FOR THE TEST RELEASE.

|August 6th 2009|
"I took a couple days off, been coding non-stop for more than a month." -thats unreal

|August 13th 2009|
...Job is going really good. The sleepy crisis is over and I’ve done a ton of work. Maps are now made in a Paint program.Read this? Read again. NO MORE map editors. Maps in paint. Fantastic...
Believe it or not...

|August 14th 2009|
Michal made ladders climbing in LD and said to get ready for the test release.

|August 18th 2009|
"Oh! wait! i need to fix some bugs!"  :| goddamnit...

|August 26th, 2009|
"To play with real people:
Download and install Hamachi(
Create an account or whatever it tells you to do. When you’re ready, in Hamachi click “Join an existing network…”.
Fill in the details:
Network name: link-dead
Password: funnybunny  

In the network, there should hopefully be other players. You can chat with them (click on link-dead for channel chat), setup your server or join their servers.

To start a server:Press escape. Select Game/Start Server. When it loads: Select Game/Join Localhost

To join someones server press Game/Join Address. Change the IP:Port to the players IP. Default port is 50008.

That’s all. I hope it works.

Oh yes and the download link! Grab it here:

Please report if it crashes. Tell me when exactly in the game it happens, a screenshot will help.
The framerate won’t go above 30 fps, it is fixed, not slow. If it drops below 30 then tell me and mention what hardware you have."

|September 14th 2009|
I need to leave bot paths now for more contemplation. I’m changing focus to integrating the old effects for maps - lighting and fog.finally! effects! yay

|September 20th, 2009|
Wonderful graphical update: Dust processor. It generates dust & smoke (fog lighting and some othr effects too) without any lag, as MM said.
teh video is here:
(ill keep posting the most important news here, stay tuned)

YAY! Looks like MM did his homework on 'prince of persia' :)
LD looks promising, but will it reach the forecasted Best Game Ever Made? Will see.

I sure hope this turns out better than Crimson Glory.

Physics are awesome

Thread updated! ;D
Tons of info after 2,5 months.

Sry I was offline, was entering the university. And you know, i entered The Moscow State University, the best university in this damn country (seriously) :) geological faculty btw :) im sooo happy ;D sorry if i was too rude or smth, had alot of stress in the last year of school.

sooo there are gona be two geologists on this forum heh

*Edited 5 minutes later*
Hey! look what i found!!! awesome concepts! mustsee!
awwww LOOK AT THIS! :o LD classes + their graphical concepts!

oh and one more thing...
check out new "awesome" Sigvatr's blog:
(eeeh what a hell?! can someone explain this?)


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