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Soldat PolyWorks
Created by Anna Zajaczkowski, updated by Fryer.

Soldat PolyWorks Installer (credits to Zakath for the installer)

ToDo List
- scenery replacing
- more coloring options
- categorized scenery
- advanced pattern duplication
- tool options toolbox
- more options for lights
- open multiple maps at once
- overview generation
- make multitexturing easier
- create common shapes using polygon tool
- create scenery with selected
- built in map packer
- scripting
- online mode
- polygon drawing with automatic triangulation
- automatic wypting
* - Done! Coming in next update...

Changes in v1.5.0.13
- added flag collides, background, and background transition polygon types

Changes in v1.5.0.12
- added flagger collides and non-flagger collides polygon types
- changed extension for saving from uppercase to lowercase

Changes in v1.5.0.11
- fixed bouncy polygons not being compiled correctly
- fixed saving of waypoints to prefabs not working

--- Quote ---Changes in v1.5.0.10
- fixed maps being buggy in soldat 1.5.0

Changes in v1.5.0.9
- fixed styling of bounciness label
- fixed buggy polygon points
- fixed fixed texture

Changes in v1.5.0.8
- added polygon bounciness option for the bouncy polygon type
- added counter for the amount of *different* sceneries in the map
- fixed movement of spawns/objects while zoomed
- fixed texture window now closes properly
- fixed user defined x/y modifying the behavior of fixed texture
- fixed saving of user defined x/y

Changes in v1.5.0.7
- added mouse position label in status bar
- fixed a small copy/paste bug
- added right click menu on selection tools
- changed keyboard shortcuts deselect (escape) and duplicate (ctrl+d)
- fixed the cutting of file names in recent files menu
- selecting a single collider now gets its radius

Changes in v1.5.0.6
- copy and paste (ctrl+c and ctrl+v, duplicate is now ctrl+shift+v)
- invert selection (ctrl+i)
- new polygon types for Soldat 1.5.1
- manual type in transform works on everything
- collider radius can be changed after it's placed
- fixed a crash when loading corrupt scenery
- fixed selection bug with hidden scenery layers
- fixed keyboard shortcut for save as (ctrl+shift+s)

Changes in v1.5.0.5
- jpg sceneries and textures are not selectable (nvidia card compatibility errors ingame)
- fixed problems with drag and drop
- fixed polygon blend enable/disable
- new arrangement of the main menu
- added basic texture transformation functions
- added menu item to reset the view
- possibility to show and hide individual scenery layers

Changes in v1.5.0.4
- change how gif files are loaded
- fixed undo selection
- fixed saving of light and sketch display options
- fixed selection rectangle bug
- fixed command line argument bugs
- associate pms files with polyworks on installation
- icons for pms and pfb files (Created by VirtualTT)
- more settings in preferences
- selection for all corners of scenery
- fixed transform tool

Changes in v1.5.0.3
- fixed window state errors
- new icon is now visible in taskbar
- fixed background color in preferences
- wider scenery menu
- added clear sketch function
- fixed black trails in vista

Changes in v1.5.0.2
- fixed light bugs
- fixed avarage vertex colors not saving correctly
- fixed opacity for the 4 first polys
- fixed wireframe opacity bug
- new icon (created by VirtualTT)

Changes in v1.5.0.1
- fixed error when switching to/from windowed mode
- moved help button a bit away from minimize button

Changes in v1.5.0.0
- added snap selected vertices function
- fixed gif files now working correctly
--- End quote ---

Soldat PolyWorks SVN
Source code for Soldat PolyWorks on github:

Original Soldat PolyWorks Topic

Is it possible to include simple archive download without installer?

^Konata says "Good Job"^

Great work. Thank you :)
I want to report a bug;

I'm getting this error after pressing "OK" on Preferences window.
I'm using Windows 7 64bit.


Preferences Window:

yeah it calles the reset window function so its basically the same bug as resizing the window.

It looks like you fixed the bug that happens when you minimize pw, and the toolboxes become separated from the actual app. gj


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