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F4||3N FIN4||Y C0M35 0UT
« on: October 04, 2009, 10:29:26 pm »
I'm sure you all had thoughts, but F4||3N has finally come out of the closet. He did so in a very unique way too, seems he has a penchant for elderly gentlemen, and he chose to share that with us all visually.

Sadly, us here at soldatforums hate everything, and being the jerks we are, instead of embracing his lust of elderly homosexual gentleman, decided to ban him for his outburst.

But we're more than oppressive hateful fascists here. See, he also chose to make a bundle of spammy one word posts, and that's just not okay. See, Here at soldatforums, we advise that you post more than a single word. Otherwise we get pissed off and crucify you for your spammy off-topic transgressions.

Now, normally when you think of someone being crucified, you think, "Oh well, they'll be back in three days." But no brothers and sisters, today that is untrue, because F4||3N will never be coming back. I'm personally glad about the because I won't have to type his dumb '1337 5p34k' name anymore.


On a personal note, I love feedback regarding Sin Bin posts, so feel free to PM me about what you liked/disliked about this, and what you'd like to see in future bannings. Thank you, and goodnight. -Wraithlike
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