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Simple Demo

Simply, its just playes demos...

How to use
1) Extract file to your demo folder. (usually loacted at "C:\Soldat\Demos")
2) Drag a demo to the simpleDemo.exe and place it right on top.
3) A little winodow will pop up. Mess with the advanced options all you want.
4) Press "Start it up"
5) The window will close and soldat will start as you have configured it.

Play demos by double clicking them.
Download and run this registry script. Modify paths as needed.

--- Code: ---Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@="C:\\Soldat\\Demos\\simpleDemo.exe %1"

--- End code ---

Requires .Net framework version 1.1
Download from Microsoft

Screen Shot


Edit: 3/6/2016 for updated links


--- Quote from: bja888 on June 11, 2006, 03:12:32 am ---Requires .Net framework version 1.1
Download here

--- End quote ---
No thanks, I prefer girls.

Hey, if C# could be complied any other way I'll be glad to use it.

Well, yeah... as usual, i won't/can't use it thanks to .NET
Sorry, i just hate it.

Although, good job

Im usin it good job!


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