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Q: Why the map version numbers are gone? Death2 = Death
A: The decision is based on keeping default map names simple and consistant by keeping the "root name" only.

Q: Are those maps final versions?
A: No, they aren't. They are under constant fixing. Players are having bad FPS issues in some maps, also there might be some random polybugs or something else to fix which require new version. The goal is to fix every map bug that is possible to fix, no matter if it's remake or current (1.5) default map.

Q: Why don't we remove maps?
A: Direct order from top.

Q: What are map requirements for default map (properties)?
A: Only bmp scenery is allowed. Transparency with bmp scenery isn't completely denied but consider when using it. Polygon count must be less than 700. Semi-transparent polygons are denied, however you can use completely transparent polygons with bridges for example. The map must be waypointed.


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