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So I just played MFM in a gather last night, been a while since I played it and here are my thoughts and what could be changed to increase its popularity. I assume it probably plays quite well in Public due to the size but it is highly underplayed and barely ever picked in 3v3. And, I believe the map probably suffers from the same problems in Public actually due to how easy it is to base camp and shut down the game completely. This of course is due to the spawns being so far in front of the flag spot, but seeing as this is one of its unique characteristics I do not think this should change, if that was done then it would just be another underplayed big map.

Here are the main issues it faces in 3v3 clan wars:

- Once a clan has a lead then they can shut down the game completely by just having two guys Defing in the base, it is virtually impossible to cap even if you are to kill the defenders as once you grab the flag they then spawn in front of you.
- It is not really a big map where you can leak an enemy to cap or sneak through as at all times you can pretty much see everything(compared to say Laos/b2b) Sure you can try a surprise low rush but that is also very easy to defend due to the small low entrance into the base.
- I think the only way to "Safely" cap is currently getting above the base top side waiting to be left 1v1, kill the guy and then hopefully he gets a long spawn and you can leave the base top route.
- The low route is pretty much ONLY used as an escape route as the exit/entrance so tight.
- There is pretty much 0 chance of escaping mid.

I think I could explain more detail but I think anyone who has played a CW on it, knows what I mean.

ANYHOWS here is my idea(all theory mind you):

What about making the polygons mid that create the choke zones only player+bullet collide? I think this would add a bit more dynamic to this map as it would allow players to grab the flag and throw it mid which currently does not happen, it would most likely fall low which then makes the LOW route much more important to use and have someone down there to pick it up.

What do you think? Maybe someone can make a test version?

I can do a quick mockup, but remember that you can't walk on OPC polies, so i'd suggest making normal tiny platforms at the bottom and up so yuo can walk just liek yuo can atm.
Also there is one more thing. If we leave the thickness as it is, you will be able to stay inside the poly and be kind off "unkillable".

No i mean that only flag goes through this area is that possible? Players bullets still collide.


--- Quote from: CheeSeMan. on April 16, 2014, 04:12:37 pm ---No i mean that only flag goes through this area is that possible? Players bullets still collide.

--- End quote ---
You mean like on DropDown in the middle route, but also players should collide?

Yes, Thats possible. You add only bullets & only players collide polygons over each other. Flag will go through , players & bullets won't.


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