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Advanced Soldat Interface Maker

Advanced Soldat Interface Maker is the only available alternative to the default Interface Maker (made by MM years ago).

What it has/can do:

* custom resolutions (including new wide-screen resolutions from Soldat 1.6.0+)
* zooming
* PNG graphics support
* convenient elements positioning
* custom background colors
* custom background pictures
* exporting screenshots
* scoreboard (F1) & cursors preview

Keyboard hints:
While work area is active (has focus) you can use:

* [Ctrl] + [Mouse Wheel] - to zoom
* [Mouse Wheel] - to vertical scroll
* [Shift] + [Mouse Wheel] - to horizontal scroll
* [Arrow keys] - to scroll
* [Ctrl] + [Arrow keys] - to move current interface element
* [Ctrl] + [PgUp/PgDown] - to rotate current interface element
* [NumPad 1-9] - to Zoom 100%-900%
* [NumPad +/-] - to Zoom In/Out
* [NumPad 0/*] - to Zoom Min/Max
Use [Middle Mouse Button] or [Ctrl] + [Left Mouse Button] to drag the zoomed area.
Use [Left Mouse Button]  to move current interface element with absolute positioning or [Right Mouse Button] - to move with relative positioning.


ToDo list:

* add Undo/Redo features
* ...

+ Added feature | - Removed feature | ~ Fixed feature | % Modified feature | * Comment

Version 0.1.2 (04 Oct 2011):
+ Added "Default resolution" option
+ Added Scoreboard & cursors preview
~ Fixed "Style" radio buttons invisibility bug
~ Fixed image/controls flickering bug
~ Fixed nades rendering bug
~ Fixed zooming via NumPad shortcuts bug

Version 0.1.0 (16 Sep 2011):
+ Added AutoUpdate feature
+ Added widescreen resolutions support
+ Added "Scale Interface" option
~ Fixed few minor bugs
% Modified Zoom feature
% Modified background picture selection

Check out latest dev version
(with support of HD images and mod.ini)


hey hey SyavX!  ;)  n1 bro


Look what I`v got... I`v got a time!
So now you can test an alpha version of my interface maker named, ehm... Interface Maker 2!

At the moment it can not display texts and doesn't work with custom resolutions (just the basis was implemented)

Have fun.

See first post for the download link...

Bug: when selected on "Move via mouse" - i cannot see the cursor on the interface window area (except if im moving some object, and my cursor is on top of it)


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