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1.51 changes?
« on: April 20, 2010, 04:22:10 am »
Hey i wasnt able to put this topic in the proper area..
well i got a question about the changes in 1.51..
did the barret delay change? it seems for me that i neednt press leftmouse as long as in the previous vers.
but cant find that in soldat 1.51 changelog.

another thing..
in my opinion i can jump higher now.. also not listed in changes
is that just my imagination? or whats about that.

By the way ...
i ve seen the refreshed maps like
ctf_Laos (which looks really fantastic but its much bigger either)
ctf_Viet (.. textures arent really better)
well some others as well..

will those will replace the old ones ? dont hope so actually..
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Re: 1.51 changes?
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2010, 04:28:28 am »

Code: [Select]
- Fixed player names being invisible on F1 list
- Fixed custom maps not downloading Textures or Edges from server
- Fixed Computer Time in F1 menu being frozen
- Fixed lobby frequently stopping while retrieving server list
- Fixed splash screen will now display in the center of primary desktop when using
 multiple monitors (Instead of middle of both monitors)
- Fixed graphics freeze caused by the Vista/Win7 logon screen (ctrl+alt+del) or UAC
- Fixed Jetpack sparks appearing in Realistic mode when the enemy player is
 not visible
- Fixed lobby list items 'Yes' & 'No' not reading from translation file
- Fixed Tab ordering in the Join Game menu
- Fixed LAN lobby server scan. Will not work for servers on the same computer
- Fixed online bots flying up into the air when spawning with a Parachute
- Fixed a bunch of corrupt network packets, resulting in them being dropped or
 doing funky things
- Fixed reg star appearing for bots and players who aren't actually registered
- Fixed Change Team menu randomly appearing and other weird things happening
 for no reason
- Fixed Access Violations and Corrupt Data occuring when recording/playing demo's
 recorded with Soldat 1.5.0
- Fixed names with a trailing space character resetting to 'Major'
- Fixed Players with Predator being visible to new players that join after
 they obtained the Bonus
- Fixed Weapon Bink not resetting correctly after reloading weapon and not
 releasing the Fire button
- Fixed Registration Star on F1 menu not appearing while using default
 jet flame colour
- Fixed Bot Team frame not appearing when exiting a single player game
- Fixed 'Too many bots' message counting Charlie/Delta Bot Count when
 Teammatch is not selected
- Fixed Soldat Installer will set correct file write permissions under
 Windows Vista / 7
- Fixed editing a maps background colours and not getting kicked
 for wrong map version.
- Fixed the Auto Update feature corrupting Soldat.exe when downloading other updated
 files that already exist
- Fixed background music not stopping when Intro demo has finished playing
- Fixed server timeleft countdown not pausing on map change/restart (via Commands
 or reaching score limit)
- Fixed Spas12 reloading while firing no longer allows infinite shots

- Added Soldat's Account System, Soldat Portal.
- Added warning message for players usinsg Windows 95/98/ME that try to join
 BattlEye protected servers
- Added ability to paste IP:Port/Pass formatted strings into the IP field of the
 Join Game tab. soldat:// URL's are also supported
- Added 8 new Polygon types: Only (Team Colour) collide Polygons, and Only
 (Team Colour) + Enemy Team Bullets collide Polygons. Carrying a flag will
 disallow the player passing through any of these Polygon types
- Added Polygon type: Exploding Polygon. Touching an Exploding Polygon will
 instantly blow up the player and throw their limbs around like confetti
- Added Polygon type: Hurt Flaggers. Touching this kind of Polygon while holding
 a flag will periodically do damage (double 'hurt' poly damage)
- Added Polygon type: Only flaggers collide. Anyone carrying a flag will be unable
 to pass through this type of Polygon
- Added 'End of round...' text will display to Spectators in Survival Mode. Appears
 above 'Following <Player>' text
- Added ingame Weapon Statistics for Registered players
 (Press F2 while in the F1 menu)
- Added Player Names can be "Protected" via Soldat Portal for Registered players
- Added Protected Names of Registered players will now have a shield appear next to
 their name. (Soldat Portal)
- Added "Offline/LAN Mode" for playing Soldat multiplayer with no connection to the
 Internet. To join a server in Offline/LAN mode, the server must
 have "Connection=LAN" set in its soldat.ini, or started with the -lan parameter
- Added Score Board (F1) will now display the current Server Name at
 the top left corner
- Added Score Board (F1) will now display the "Server Info" message
 under the server name

- Modified changing mouse sensitivy ingame now increases/decreases by 1% per
 button press rather than 5%
- Modified players can no longer grab the flag when a round of Survival has already
 ended. You can still capture or return
- Modified Spectators can only use Team Chat in Survival Mode while a round is
 active. Only applies to Spectator team
- Modified Dead/Spectator players in Realistic mode can only see enemies the player
 they are following can see
- Modifier players can not see enemy team chat in Realistic mode if the enemy
 player is not visible
- Modified Setup, Config, and Soldat executables to use higher quality icons with
 alpha transparency
- Modified Big Text message (DrawText) on-screen limit is now 3 instead of 1
- Modified Team Bink is now reduced by 50% when Friendly Fire is disabled.
 You will get no Team Bink at all if you are not moving
- Modified Score Board (F1) has been redesigned for team-based game modes
- Modified Score Board (F1) can now be scrolled up/down (only if required) by
 using the Page Up/Down keys. An arrow will appear on the right-center side
 of the board if scrolling is available
- Modified Weapons Menu will now only display non-default values (on Mouse Over)
 if joining a Weapon Mod server
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