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Weapon Limitation 2.2
« on: May 20, 2013, 08:18:53 am »
Date of Change: Wednesday, 22th May 2013
Version: 2.2
Hello guys! This is the newest version of my original weapons limitation script released in September 2010. This version is completly rewritten and has a lot more features, with more to be added in the future. Please report any bugs that may occur. Feature requests are very welcome.

Ever felt like your server is overrun by barretards, tubers and campers? I feel your pain, and I got just the right thing to get your server back on track! This script will automatically disable the weapon of your desire for all respawning players if living players of his team already surpass the maximum amount. For example, player A is respawning, and because player B and player C already use a Barret, it will be disabled in player A's menu. He will get a backup weapon instead, which you can choose yourself in the settings file.

Weapon Limitation in a nutshell:
 + Complete control over the amount of weapons in every team.
 + Backup weapons are handed to those who end up with no primary weapon due to limits.
 + Works in every gamemode (CTF/DM/TDM/INF/etc.)
 + Settings can be easily modified in a text-file which is automatically created
 + Settings can be modified while the script is running. See below for a list of commands.

How to get started?
 1) Start your server once, running this script.
 2) Wait until the message box is displayed.
 3) Shut the server down and open the settings.
 4) Change the settings to your liking (all options are explained there).
Admin commands:
 /settings: Display all the settings. Works in game and in admin tools.
 /save:     Save current settings.
 /mod <weapon> num <amount>: Change max amount of target weapon per team.
 /mod <weapon> limit <1/0> : Change weapon's limit 0: off - 1: on.
 /reset: Reset all settings.

Public commands:

!settings: Display all the settings.

Tip: Change Change CTime to -1 if you do not want players to receive a backup weapon if they lose their primary due to weapon limits.

22/05/2013: v2.2 is out. Bug fixes, increased readability, and support for secondary weapon limits.
21/05/2013: v2.1 is out. All settings can now be changed in game or in admin console and stored. A reset command has been added as well.
20/05/2013: v2.0 is out. The script has been completly rewritten.
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Re: Weapon Limitation 2.2
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2013, 11:06:49 am »
I had to kill some bugs (including no backup weapon for lost secondary weapons), so I decided to make the script more readable as well. Hopefully, it works like a charm now.