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So I made this mod for the STALKER Script that Darkcrusade made , we were working together on this.

Most of weapons appear on STALKER, so that's why the name.
I modified the .ini and It's balanced and quite realistic.
You will have to take care of close combat and attacks from the back.
SFX is fully changed.
New explosion

Download (

Special thanks:
 - DarkCrusade: Help and suggestions on weapons
 - MattH: he made the OC14 Groza and he gave suggestions

Plain awesome. Good job!

Brilliant, like the explosion the most.

Serial K!ller:
Nice mod but the m79 explosion is always on my left speaker which is kind of annoying :S

Henito Kisou:
Not highest on today standards, but pure essence of -Sky-style.


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