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« on: February 22, 2011, 07:24:38 am »
Script Name:

Script Description:
Currently running at

An idea originally suggested by bloodzcape jezza quite some time ago (I even forgot who it was it was so long ago), CityRPG is a simple attempt to bring some of the mechanics featured in games like GTA into Soldat. I didn't have the time to do it then, but I'm free at the moment so I've decided to do it over the past week or so.

Quote from: /about
There is no real goal in this game mode. Feel free to run amok or be more strategic in your gameplay.

Some things you should know:
Killing players makes them drop their money on the ground. Pick it up by pressing the crouch button where they died.
Beware of the fuzz. Killing players or attacking them will attract their attention and make them hunt you down.
If the fuzz are onto you, you can stay out of sight until they give up the chase.
Get into too much trouble and SWAT teams or even soldiers will come after you.
When you die, you drop your money and your bank account gets billed for your health expenses.
It is wise to deposit your money into the ATM so you don`t drop it when you die.
If you are killed by the fuzz, your bail will also be drained from your bank account.
Your money, bail and wanted level are displayed in the bottem-left corner.
You can go to the hospital to heal your ailments or for plastic surgury that will prevent the fuzz from recognising you.
You can also go to the gun store to buy and sell weapons and buy bulletproof vests.
To enter or exit the gun store or hospital, hold the grenade button.
You can rob people, but they will notice if it isn't from behind, and you can be noticed by the Fuzz.

The script runs off of a modified version of inf_Zitrone (included)...I hardly felt in the mood to create such a map from scratch. It could easily be used with modified versions of other maps with spawn locations marking certain key places (ATM, hospital entrance/exit, etc) used in the same way.

-All weapon availabilty set to 0
-0 grenades
-Disable weapon anti-cheat (since any weapons bought will set that off)

Everything else that matters is set by the script itself, including setting the gamemode to Rambomatch (it has the most ideal bot behavior).

Original Author(s): Snowy

Core Version: 2.6.5

//buy vest command
else if Text = '/buy vest' then begin
if GetPlayerStat(ID,'vest') < 100 then begin
buyvalue := VESTCOST;

if (playercash[ID] >= buyvalue) then begin

playercash[ID] := playercash[ID] - buyvalue;
minusdollars[ID] := minusdollars[ID] + buyvalue;
minusseconds[ID] := 3;
else begin
WriteConsole(ID,'Cannot afford',$EEFFFFFF);
else begin
WriteConsole(ID,'Already have',$EEFFFFFF);

Known bugs:
-Thrown knives don't do damage and disappear (Soldat's fault; how it handles knives if they aren't enabled in the weapon menu)
-Forceweapon with fist as secondary bugs that fist (can't punch or pickup) until you roll, press grenade, etc (Soldat's fault).
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Re: CityRPG
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2011, 12:22:01 pm »
My 2 cents:
- I dunno where I can find the weapons store. Found it.
- I believe the ATM should be more convenient: when I "act", I should be able to know the balance.
- /bank should be more convenient too, it should deposit all money on me automatically. If I have $0, it should withdraw all. Hopefully that will be liked.
- All banks actions should appear in the HUD, like (BANK) -$100 (whenever I don't have money on me to cover for death costs for example - doesn't make sense to show -$100 on me if it doesn't affect the money I have on me right now).
- When I "act" to go on ATM or building, I should know which commands are available there. Like in the hospital, it should show I can use "/heal" and "/plastic" commands. EDIT: Actually, /prices show which services are available...
EDIT: I wish that "Act" would rob instead of going to building, but I dunno if that would be good.
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Re: CityRPG
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2011, 10:27:33 pm »
This script is worth bumping. Just came across this, and it's an amazing idea! I play GTA:SA MP Crazy Bob's Cops and Robbers every so often, and a 2d version is NOT a bad idea! If Soldat was only more active, this would be a real real big hit with some work on quests / leveling. Wow.
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