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Foxconn/Corp. Done Banned For Good....


....seriously this time. Enough is enough. He's been given over 9000 warnings and has admitted he's just trolling us.

--- Quote from: Corporal Dunn on March 12, 2011, 05:00:15 pm ---I just logged in with my old fake account to say something.


Don't you see that it is obvious? It all was just for pure fun. I was trolling you hard (even poles) since 2009, and what is the result of my "tests"? - U MAD.

- I pirated guns from dairys mods
- "Katalista", the supposed "stealer", is me (i even trolled ya in irc)
- there is no "little brother" that posted some "kill pedovodka!" s**t
- i drove everyone crazy with my fake accounts

do not pretend, it all was just for s**tloads of fun. And believe me or not - i never drank vodka. And the AK was fake. And you all just believed in almost everything i said, even if it could be lying.

seriously, i generally do not hate japs and other awesome stuff...and about the flood, it was just a good momment to finish my plan with a good ending.

mk, list of banned foxconn accounts, thus far:
 - Cheytac

HAHAHAHAHA. You hated me so much so it just gave me more lulz and time for further trollin'. ;D and, dc, about you, jrgp, ds dude and horve...you are not that bad as i saw, even if some forumers got enough of my bulls**t and started to bash me by PM's, i still like you.

calm down, everybody. it was just the sickest joke ever did to those forums. Huaha, oh i really need some sleepy sleepy.

whatever. Im going to stay for a loooong while til you will calm down. ;)

--- End quote ---

f**k you, and the horse you rode in on. I'm going to personally see to it that all of your subsequent accounts are murdered from here on out.

List of banned duplicate accounts, thus far:
 - Cheytac


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