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Today, I died.


Within a game built on the premise of "kill or be killed", one would think that being killed would be no unusual event. But today something happened. I wasn't merely "killed" in this game. I died. My life came to an end. In an instant, I ceased to be. And it made me think. I sat and meditated (obviously I pumped iron whilst doing this) and pondered the meaning of this. Although I haven't managed to reach a conclusion as of yet, I pose to you a theory.

The map starts, and you are born into the world. This is where you enter, and where you make your mark. But straight from the get go, you're a wanted man. This fills you with paranoia, constantly darting around to make sure no one is in sight, watching your back to make sure you're safe. It's that corner of the eye syndrome, it's paranoia, fear, a sense of being watched. Of course, you're not crazy, and it's perfectly rational. But within moments, you face an adversary, a struggle; a battle occurs. It's a fight to the death. It's both futile and imperative and in moments it's decided and the cycle begins again.

I ask you this as a ghost, for I am now dead. I wonder what you make of this.

P.S I am ****ing as I write this.

No question mark, no question.

Headshoot !

it's decided and the cycle begins again.
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