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How to: be a respectful clan member
« on: April 16, 2006, 08:08:45 am »
First and foremost, Soldat is supposed to be fun.
 Clans are meant to be even more fun than regular Soldat because you are backed by a team you know and trust, not random goofballs like a public server.
In the same vein, clanship should also be an escape from the endless whining you can be sure to find in a public server.

 While Soldat is obviously an agressive game, and aggressive comments are sure to follow, being in a clan should be different.In a clan you should be professional and respectful because if you are in a clan, you should see something more to this game than an outlet to insult strangers over the 'net.

Why does it matter? What difference does refraining from a saying a little "ffs" make? Because it all culminates, and the lack of respect eventually ends in people saying "Screw this" and leaving the match, people getting kicked, and a general bitterness between the clans. That isn't fun at all.

  • Please try not to say the following things during a match (before, during, after):

  barretard (or any variant for any weapon)

  • When you say these things you are just whining in your opponent's eyes, and it's also an insult of skill, whether directly ("barretard")or indirectly ("lag", or in expanded form, the-only-reason-you-killed-me-is-because-of-lag). Eventually it just builds up and everyone gets pissed off.
  • "Hit"? Wow, you can aim. No one cares. There is no reason why you should try to protect your precious eliteness by declaring your hits each time. There is this very simple concept the general Soldat community fails to grasp over and over and over again. It's called LAG. Everyone has it, shut up about losing your hits because of it and move on.
  • [/*]

  • Please try not to whine in general, and don't whine about whining. In fact, here's an idea: HOW ABOUT NOT TALKING AT ALL DURING THE MATCH? Really, try it. Focus on your gameplay and communicating with your team instead, and if they're the ones whining ignore it. Chances are you will play better AND still be on talking terms with your opponent! WEEE.
  • After the match, please don't try to justify your loss. Server was laggy? Spawning without weapon? Fine. Keep it to yourself. But a win is a win. Don't try to justify it with things like "They all used barret, that's the only reason they won", "They all camped!". By agreeing on the match you obviously agreed to have barret enabled. Respect their win, however dirty their tactics were, and learn from your mistakes.
  • After the match, this is what you say: gg. If you don't feel it was a good game then you have the option to not say anything at all.
  • If you are an admin of a server, try not to be a jackass. Don't kick people, the only reason I can see to kick someone would be if they are cheating, in which case the entire match should be cancelled anyways. If they are talking smack, just ignore it. Kicking a player just spoils the match for everybody, including your team. There is no satisfaction in winning if you know a deciding factor was the other team's player getting kicked out. Also, if you run the server but aren't in the match do not do server messages, or any other kind of intervention. It's distracting, condescending, and quite rude.
  • Please don't go prancing around harassing the public servers just because your clanmembers aren't there to see you. You represent your clan to the rest of the world, so when you are abusing poly bugs and camping out the ass on a public you create a bad image for your whole clan. However, if you observe this behavior from a single member of a clan don't assume they are all like that.
  • It never hurts to say "ns" here and there, especially when they deserve it.

I know it's long, but if you took the time to read it I commend you.


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