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[SGAS] Chatty (Interserver communication)
« on: May 02, 2011, 01:08:33 pm »
Script name: Chatty
Short description: This script provides basic server communication features, like chat, /status (or /info) and /redirect (or /join). script requires SGAS to work
For Soldat version: 2.6.5

This is less-example script that shows power of current SGAS release. Commands provided:
/chat <text> - sends message to all servers in network
/status <server name> - info about specified server. Info provides player amount (Players/Maxplyers), map name and time left.
/info <server name> - alias to above
/redirect <server name> - redirects player to specified server
/join <server name> - alias to above
/serverlist - shows all connected servers list

/flist (admin only) - forces client to request a list (doesn't work on master server).

How to install it?
First of all, you must have all your servers connected trough SGAS network.
Installing SGAS is simple enough. You must download newest release (link above) and unpack sgas script to all of your servers (the ones that you want chatty on). Next, go to scripts/sgas/config/sgas.ini in each of them and make sure that every server has different NodeID. Then, you must edit proxy's config.txt to contain ips, ports and admin passwords of your servers in format ip:port:password. Now you just run servers, then proxy server and it's done.
Back to chatty. When you finally manage to install SGAS (or had it already done ;) ), you must upload server script ( to one of your servers, configure it in header (var names should tell you for what they are) and client script ( to all other. In client scripts set MasterID to ID set in sgas.ini in master server


From: May 03, 2011, 08:43:31 am
- Fixed bug causing redirect and status triggers to freeze.
- Added /flist (force list) command to client script.

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