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Some of you may already have noticed that MM has aborted Link-Dead development and is currently doing a new game called King Arthurs Gold (KAG)

Again its a 2D sidescroller.
You can describe this game as mix of MineCraft, Ace of Spades.

You can build stuff and there are is also PvP.
The Game is currently in a public alpha , so you can play it for free and have a preview of it ( the alpha is actually already really far developed. Just minor bugs, and the gameplay is totally enjoyable)

There is also the option to get a "Gold Account" this means you have a premium account, and can play on Gold Servers (only people who paid can access those )
+ You can access the Map Editor.

If you like to have a look visit the Website:
The Game is avaible to Windows, Linux and will be avaible to Mac soon (messed up, just being rebuild)
Dev Log:
IRCqnet: #kag
Heres a short Video where you can actually see how the game looks like (graphics) - new release looks bit different.


But I already play :)

Fun game, it's nice to see how it has already progressed so far, and how many things are planned in the future. :P

Can you connect to the servers via "Browse" ???


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