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So bloody intense.
« on: November 13, 2011, 06:11:21 pm »
I think my last game on some server (can't remember for the life of me what it was) was the best and most intense game I've had for a long while.. (I've also forgotten it the ex

I'm on red team and the blues are up 3-2, I manage to get the flag down another 2 times. 3-4. We manage to get it to 3-5 after some fierce fighting. Then something unbelievable happens. The blues start gaining 2 points until they're even with us in the last 2mins!

Determined to get the flag I run and fire as I go (solo I know but I enjoy going solo, playing with an M79 btw) I get to the enemy base, they haven't respawned (thankfully) yet. I dive jetpack it down to the flag, by this time I have 2/5 of life after one person suddenly respawning. grab the flag and jetpack it over the rocks and over shrubbery and jetpack it away as fast as I can, whilst still being fired upon by the guy that missed by inches (by this time the countdown is going 20...15...10..) I manage to get to my base just as the timer goes down to 4, I thought to myself it would take about 3 seconds to fall. I fall annoyingly slowly as I had used up all my jetpack in the flight. The timer ticks down to 3.2, as it literally hits 1 I manage to land directly onto our flag scoring the point to make reds go ahead 6-5. Thanks to all those people who were in the game! Most intense game I've had in a while! :)
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Re: So bloody intense.
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2014, 04:26:33 pm »
I recognise this post and I still love it. Also I remember how people used to complain about M79 when I played normal mode DM. They were all complete arses.

I think this is from a mispost though. I intended to write more after "(I've also forgotten it the ex..." but accidentally posted it and had to delete it. And now it appears here several years after.. hm.
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Re: So bloody intense.
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