Author Topic: Devlog update (2011-12-18) New translation lines, Fav Servers and HWID bugfix  (Read 2211 times)

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I almost forgot about the devlog update :P.

I read in the #soldat.devs channel that people think im kinda dead so i did a little bit of coding.

I fixed the fav_server.txt parsing  (bug id 131)
and also added missing translations (bug id 104).

I've also added unit tests for the fav server parsing but our main unit is, well, lets say i had to move my parsing function into a separate file to make it testable :P

Also zakath fixed a bug with HWID generation breaking my 12 commit combo :P

I got a few replies from translators which I pm'd asking if they want to be part of the beta team (more exact the translation subteam) and luckily they all want to help!

You already noticed that jrgp updated the forums, didn't you :P

I wrote a few autoit scripts to stop windows from forcing me to reboot (because of updates) while I work on Soldat.
And also made tortoisesvn context menu enabler/disabler .bat file (TortoiseSVN is the tool I use to "upload" new versions of the Soldat source code).

I think that's everything we did this week.
Ah btw thanks for the last weeks replies (for how often we should do devlog updates).
I will stay with the "weekly" updates as not so much is happening right now.

Time to get some sleep, cya!
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Forwarding it to FB as always, good job there. :)
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Its not you who's dead, its soldat dieing much faster.

But sure as long as its useful keep updating.

gj so far

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Any word on remote admins being able to bypass their own bans like before 1.6?

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Any word on remote admins being able to bypass their own bans like before 1.6?
Remote admins can no longer be banned in the first place, so it shouldnt be a problem anymore.

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Good job! Keep with it and we should have a stable version of Soldat for coming jubilee! :P I need make that translation update I promised to do...