Author Topic: Devlog update (2011-12-25) Bugtracker updates, code cleanup, little bugfixing  (Read 2129 times)

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Hey everyone!

Late news again ;)

A few people probably already noticed the updates in the Soldat bugtracker.
I remembered how people in the irc channel (#soldat.devs) said that the bugreport statuses should get updated, so I went over a few of the "new" bugs in there.
About half of the bugreports for Soldat client and also some for Soldatserver were updated. It's nothing big but I guess no one else wants to do it.

I also did some code clean up like removing old outcommented code, getting rid of magic numbers and formatting the copyright comments according to the Pascal Object Guide.

A few bugs were fixed too.
Bug #66 (Volume in intro doesn't respect soldat.ini setting) and bug #145 (F9 doesn't minimize Soldat to tray all the time) to be precise.
Not much, I know, I know but still better then nothing.

I tried to move some constants out of the main unit file but for some reason they aren't the same in server and client so I reverted the changes.
If that sentence didn't make any sense just ignore it :P.

Sadly no other dev was active.

Ok enough for now cya next week!
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Gj fixing the f9 bug. I always thought it was only available in-game, until few days back while I was changing some settings I accidentaly pressed it. The game minimized and I was like oh another weird thing about soldat! Anyway keep up the week updates:)

Im chill like that

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Enjoy Christmas time and do not bother too much about getting done with soldat stuff the last days of this year  ;)
Thanks for keeping us up to date, though!

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Good job, Shoozza! I hope that other devs will move themselves to work. Christmas finishes today, you'll get time to do something! ;)

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Just a tip.. Maybe release a new updated version soon.. most usefull with no leagues going on atm and its always nice to have a few bugs out.. just saying..

good job though so far, happy new year!