Author Topic: Devlog update (2012-04-01) CPU load, Beta, bug fixes, deployment scripts  (Read 2908 times)

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Hi everyone!

So this week there was a private Beta release and the testing team helped to find bugs.

A few translations are still missing check out:
I fixed issues with dialogs and translation text length
A lot of time was used to update the deployment scripts.
There was also some code clean up work and I noticed that Soldats rendering code is really in need for some rewriting. But that has to wait for now.

I also did some profiling and load testing as I had to do some test with the speedup fix I added. It turned out that the fix made Soldat a little bit smoother but also increased CPU load to 50% all the time (at least on my computer) that's why I removed it.
I however know that 25-35% of the 30%-40% total CPU load Soldat consumes comes from the rendering part (and it's sub calls) so I now know where to look when I want to do some optimizations :P

Besides that I fixed a some beta version bugs:
There were the Scoreboard issues with missing bot icons.
Then there was a bug where bots/players were drawn at wrong positions in the scoreboard. This made me to do a few ugly changes in the rendering code (I'll be so happy when the code gets cleaned up).

The Index out of bounds errors on client server map changes (when mapslist is empty) were also fixed.
Another fix I did had to do with the /loadcon /gamemode /realistic /survival and /advance command issues with bots. They kept their weapon, points and team and it was possible to make the server kick bots for cheating :D because of that.

We now compile Soldatserver with warnings enabled as there is a way to turn off the warning spam which made Delphi hang for 15 minutes because some libraries we use have a lot of deprecated and "possible insecure" code warnings.

Ingame Admins can be kicked from console and by the future external Anti-Cheat now but not by ping or vote kick. I think that should be OK for most of the time.

I was about to release the rc1 today but then I noticed that the installer needs some love. Mostly because of the updater can be run on any directory and any version of Soldat (which obviously has a corrupt Soldat installation as result).
I also want to support side by side installations which if Soldat gets installed in different folders will not replace the uninstall entry (currently you an only uninstall them by running the unins000.exe in the Soldat folder). I also want the full installer uninstall the old version of Soldat when you decide to install it in the same folder.

I think I'll have the fixed Installer ready till next week so expect a public rc1 soon!

For people who expected to be reading April fools jokes here: You fooled yourself  ;)

Btw PM me your ideas for the next April fools day maybe some will get implemented!
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Another week of good work :)

Imho the CPU usage part is a no-brainer. If it yields a better gaming experience just do it. It's not like any other program really needs that CPU time.

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Yeah, soldat is going to eventually run out of bugs so you will have to rewrite the netcode at some point in the future shoozza  ;d

Happy birthday Shoozza btw :)

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haha fuck april jokes they're annoying. No ideas for you. good job tho can't wait for next rc1. Keep going!

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haha fuck april jokes they're annoying. No ideas for you. good job tho can't wait for next rc1. Keep going!

nah, sometimes they're epic badassery, like how in King Arthur's Gold, MM and friends implemented gargoyles that spawn and pick players up and kill them when summoned by an admin command.
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Yeah really good fixes this last days. Good work :)
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Good job, Shoozza! Keep with till official release and take some breath then... :)

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So that's why it felt so smooth :)
I didn't experience much CPU load though.

Also, thank for the update!

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So that's why it felt so smooth :)
I didn't experience much CPU load though.

Also, thank for the update!

Would it be possible to activate the fix in the .ini ?