Author Topic: Devlog update (2012-05-06) Compiling Soldatserver for Linux and Mac  (Read 2002 times)

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If you didn't notice I just released the Soldat 1.6.3rc1.

But there is more!

I was working on getting Soldatserver to compile with Lazarus/FPC. Currently we use Delphi 7 which is almost 10 years old (yeah as old as Soldat i think :P).
There are a few advantages by switching to Lazarus/FPC:
It is open source and freely available
It's under active development
It runs on Linux, Mac and Windows which means Falcon will be able to work on Soldat without running an emulator ;)
It allows us to port Soldat to Mac, Linux and Windows 64bit (but this will take some time)

Yeah I want to get Soldat on Linux and Mac but that will not happen if we use Delphi 7. I'm also not sure if anyone wants to pay for a newer version of Delphi.
By making Soldatserver compile with Lazarus/FPC we get one step closer to crossplatform Soldat.

Well enough about the nice and shiny future :)

So I was trying to get a crosscompiler to work so that I could create the Linux Soldatserver on my Windows PC but that didn't work (but I was really close).
I decided it would be better to just boot Linux and compile it there (also Falcon can do that because he uses Linux).
Maybe you remember that I got compiling with Lazarus to work on Windows months ago but Linux didn't work.
There were a few changes necessary to made compiling on Linux possible and some stuff is not ready yet thats why we will still keep using Delphi for now.

I also managed to compile Soldatserver for Mac OS X.

Why is it important to have Soldatserver for Mac OS X?
Well Soldat and Soldatserver share some code but we can't compile Soldat on anything else than Windows yet (because of DirectX, DirectInput and other stuff).
It's a step forward though.

Last week I showed you the SoldatGUI I was creating with Lazarus and I got that compiled for Linux too.

Fryer and Falcon worked on Soldat a little bit too.
Fryer made the tooltip for the throw flag show correct buttons for jump and prone so when you change jump to F11 it will show "default: F11+S".

Falcon helped me to get the paths for Lazarus work correctly for all Devs. Before that there would be conflicts because not everyone has stuff installed in the same place ;)

Ah and if you still didn't read the Soldat 1.6.3rc1 news post: I plan to release Soldat 1.6.3 on 2012-05-09.
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Anniversary will begin with new 1.6.3. Sound good :) Good job Dev Team, keep with it...