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Public servers and lack of clantags

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Why is it that (at least on European servers) there are almost no players with clans(or at least clantags) these days? I noted this a few years back and these days it's far worse than back then, let alone earlier. It wasn't uncommon to find server full of players with weird clantags, and people asking to join clans and openly discussing creating a new clan - even if it was a "clan" with people playing under the same tag and meeting in servers.

Heck, at some point I thought that these "public" clans using msn/skype/xfire(as many clans were doing) were lame, but even them have disappeared.

What happened? What's different? How's the situation in the NA/SA scene? To fight this trend, I'm personally playing under a tag even when no clan exists.

It's all because of people those play without tag even they have 3 clans or more. They used to pick new nicks too to join anonymously game.

I really doubt it's just people playing under a "fakenick", although I do it myself too. (Hey FRYER! ;))

Just when you look at the "Clan Recruitment" forum, you can see all the threads from the past YEAR in the first page. Then, you go back a few dozen pages to around 2009 or even 2008, and you'll see multiple new threads posted weekly. I understand that the whole forum has been on a huge decline of activity, but that's nowhere near the decline of the "Clan Recruitment" forum and that (imo) to some extent can be seen in clan players(even if "amateur") in public servers.

Why could this be?

Lack of clantags is true but like machina said, most people playing in a clan will create another nick to play incognito rather than use their own. (Based on antifakehwid script on my servers)

Not really many leaders decides to make an recruitment topic on this forum. If it happens, they make it on forum of a specific submode the clan belongs to. Generally recruitment happens by choosing players on some publics/gathers.


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