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New Clan - {KMT}
« on: June 11, 2006, 11:26:49 pm »
Hi Pplz,

My first post here, but I've been playing Soldat since there was that glitch where you could throw a knife against a rock over and over and end up with like 30 knives at your feet!¬  ¬ :D

Have always wanted to start a clan but never got around to it.¬  I don't plan for this clan to be super uber pro or anything, more just for fun and teamwork etc.

NEWBIES WELCOME!¬  :)¬  I have plans for a clan member ranking system, to give newbies an incentive to improve their game.

At the moment the Clan is just me¬  ::)¬  and possibly a few others from another forum I'm on (non-Soldat related).

  • Clantag / name - Kandi Mountain Troopers¬† {KMT}
  • Clan name origin - inspired by the Charlie the Unicorn video (just a fun name)
  • Location - Australia
  • Clan leader - myself (shred)
  • How to contact - At the moment, just send me a PM on this forum
  • Homepage - Work in progress
  • Clan Age - Officially hasn't even started yet
  • Requirements -¬  a good attitude, no specific skill level, willing to learn and improve though.
  • Clan Aims/Goals¬  - this will be open to discussion with new members.

Probably only go ahead with this if there is sufficient interest (ie if I can actually get some members!¬  LOL)

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