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--- Quote from: SyavX on July 07, 2012, 07:50:38 am ---So, preparing input data is on users' responsibility.

--- End quote ---

Sorry, but that's easily the worst answer you could have given me.

Since you have no form of SQL injection built in (and you completely blew off my suggestion of prepared statements), your code here is completely useless as there *will* be cases of injection since odds are people will not be willing to properly sanitize input prior to including it in their queries.


it is still possible to do by yourself prepared statements for the script. Everybody who works with databases and can script, can make a workaround for this. I am happy and thankful, that he did all that work.

Also this "worst answer" is always true. Even if he implement such a function like mysql_real_escape_string, it is still in the users' responsibility to use it.

Ok, I have some problems with this (or with externals in general). Need help.
I'm at Win XP SP3, wanting to make a script using your libdb.

So I downloaded, extracted and tried launching with -safe 0.

--- Code: --- Hit CTRL+C to Exit
 Please command the server using the Soldat Admin program
Welcome to Soldat 1.6.3
 Server name: Soldat Server
 Server PID: 4000
 [*] ScriptCore v2.4 loaded! Found 2 scripts...
 [*] Compiling CWSystem2 -> CWSystem2.pas...
 [*] Compiling libdb -> libdb_windows.pas...
Server Encountered an error:
Unable to find variable
Shutting down server...

--- End code ---

I'm new to databases overall but I think it's a good motivation to learn.

--- Quote ---Plus, as it's stated here, there could be a need to do an export of LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---You also need to install libiodbc dependency!
--- End quote ---
Should I do these on Windows? If so, how, because it seems I can't figure it out myself...
Oh, and the link is dead. The one to the devs wiki

Make sure that libdb.dll is placed near (extracted to the same dir as...) the soldatserver.exe file you are trying to run.

--- Quote from: Mighty on November 12, 2012, 02:25:34 pm ---Should I do these on Windows? If so, how, because it seems I can't figure it out myself...
--- End quote ---
No, you don't. That's a Linux-related notes.

P.S. I had no problems with WinXP SP3 hosted on VBox.

Ok now I lost whole faith in myself. :p
I thought I unpacked tho whole .zip, but sadly I had only "scripts" folder selected when I did this.
Damn I'm dumb. Nevermind, everything's fine.


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