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This map is very fun to play on and has only collected good opinions. I wanted to make a map where teamplay is needed. It looks like a casual map cuz you can play here like on any other, but it's easier to cap when you throw the flag from flagspot to top route, so it's a fusion of casual and modern, new maps. You can also get a lot of kills here which is what people like.

It may look great only on paper, but I think some organized clans can make it real.

* interesting look
* every weapon is playable
* teamplay required
* lots of good opinions

Test it:
!map ctf_Lava @ #soldat.mapping servers
Dl link

Should I start making waypoints? Suggestions? Ideas? Discuss.

As de Espada:
seems nice, flagthrowing without being the only option
flowy as well, wanna test it soon :)

Woah , what a nice theme.
Looks fun , gonna test it soon too.

The upper middle part worked better then expected.
Flagthrow up proved to be hard, but some managed to do it successfully while testing
What u guys think about hp spawn palcements?

Overall very good. I say default

Layout looks a bit generic, but I do like the lava theme. It'd be nice to have something like that in default pack for the sake of variety.


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