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|sXe|' ZRPG Zombie Mod #TR Some Warnings and Instructions
« on: January 13, 2013, 04:35:36 pm »
Hi friends, script's writer is not Turkish but I translating them to Turkish and I have some problems sometimes, 2-3 hours ago; all zrpg accounts were deleted, so; PM to me for your levels, but I know all character datas, please be honest, if you honest, I will help you.
If you lie to me (levels), I will ban your HWID and IP indefinite
Please be honest and play it correctly.

Important commands you need to know;

/olustur name pass (create an account)
/giris name pass (login account)
/cikis name pass (logout account, it is no needed cause there is autosave)
/kaydet (save)
/beceriler (available, unavailable skills)
/ogren skillName (learn skill)
/skillName (use skill)
/oyuncular (show players at the moment)
!yardım (help)
!komutlar (commands)

Why Turkish commands?
Cause I'm Turkish and I working for Turkish players and you but there is Turkish server. Try it and learn Turkish ;)

Do not forget; write commands on cmd (shift+7) please be careful when writing cause you can write it wrong, for example; if you write /login  name pass on T or Y menu, players can see your login informations, so make sure you, must write them cmd!
That's enough for now.

Download ZRPG Mappack;

If you have some problems or questions, write to this topic.
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Is there anybody can write script?
Good, go and play soldat ^^