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<TTG> - new clan looking for players
« on: April 02, 2013, 01:13:51 pm »
Hello. I've been playing soldat for quite a while so I thought of creating a clan.

- Clantag / name : (it may look lame, it was originally created to be funny) - The Teamworking Goodgamers. :D
- Clan leader : Ionwood
- Contact : Y!M - / irc: #TTGG
- Clan age : Formed few days ago.
- Favourite gamemodes : TTW
- Equipement : There is a clan channel on irc and on teamspeak3.

Firstly I'm aiming to make this clan grow. Anyone can join, of course, those that have some skills in killing. Also, I need people who can listen and suggest things that are vital to the clan. This shall join any matches ( gathers, cws, fcws, tournaments ) of any type ( normal / realistic ), any gamemode ( ctf, tw, ttw and more ), if the members of it actually want to play that specific match, there's no pressure.
To conclude with, I hope this will be seen by many, I'd really like to make this clan live.