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Looking for active R, R/S or RS/CS clan!


Hello dear players of soldat. I know this forum has been active long time ago. Even if it's not active ''alot'' i will post this topic.
Well as Subject says i'm looking for active R, R/S or RS/CS clan. If anybody can recruit me i would be very thankful.
Country: Slovenia
Age: 16
In-game Nick: Glockie
Weapons: AK47 - Barrett + Knife or Law
Time playing: Since 2008

Thanks! :)


Many realistic clans there, go!

There's not any active realistic clan when SRL's not running. If you wanna play some more or less competetive realistic games, you can play gathers at #lrs.

`nQ (No Quarter) would be the only active clan playing all of them (R, R/S and R/S CS)

for R clans, check and Leo CTF server

for R/S and R/S CS clans check and PKS R/S CS server

players from all those gamemodes hang around in #lrs IRC channel (QuakeNet)


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