Author Topic: Devlog update (2013-06-30) Soldatserver compiles for OSX, moving slowly  (Read 1470 times)

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Hi community!

currently stuff is moving slowly. There aren't many 1.6.4rc2 related bugs in the bugtracker though (we will only fix those).

Falcon had the idea to have someone manage the bugreports (request feedback, fix wrong bugreports infos like severity, etc).

I fixed some compiling issues with soldatserver on OSX and got it to compile and run.
Did a quick test and it looked good.
Sadly I only have access to my iMac on weekends so I cannot post the executable today but I think I'll post one next weekend.
There are some plans to crosscompile the OSX soldatserver from Linux but last time we tried it it didn't work.

Fixing the bugs is more important though.
Hopefully we will find some time to do this..

And that's it for this week.
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I can add that thanks to squiddy, parts of the documentation of SC3 are appearing on devs wiki. There's not much of it yet but stay tuned, we'll get it all sooner or later.
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I really like the new possibilities that SCv3 brings to Soldat scripting. Even unfinished documentation inspires to test all that new stuff :)