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I think the biggest mistake of Soldat development is the fact of the soldatserver not being an open source project.
Why don't you guys (soldat developers) create a Github project and release the Soldatserver code?
I'm telling this cause I'm a Node.JS developer and I really want to create a Soldatserver opensource project written in Node.JS.
With Node.JS, I can build a very scalable and light soldatserver.

With the soldatserver source opened, that port can be release much faster and easier?
When this game will change this little mentality and selfishness?
When this game will become a great and big game?
Soldat is like a game that is always on ALPHA.

There's a lot of developers trying to release a successful Soldat clone along 10 years and there's no one clone that is solid as Soldat, with a decent community as ours (active official forum, sctfl, swc etc). I'm asking myself about this since 2006. Why fix little bugs ("features" for veterans) if what we need is a new Soldat (new graphic engine especially)?

I loved the OpenSoldat idea but...

strack if you care about soldat come to #soldat.devs on irc and find a way you can help. All the devs are there so you can talk to them directly

Soldat is closed source, this is intentional.
In the long term the goal is to make the server opensource.
But there are a few things we need to do before that can happen.

I'm not sure if a server in a different programming language will be helpful.
You see, the server and client are supposed to share some common code. This way changes to the server don't require additional work on the client.
ATM server and client share some code parts but not everything (due to historical reasons, don't ask...) and we are working on improving that.

Soldat will become better as we are cleaning up the code base.
If you want to help us with that and you know Delphi/Object Pascal feel free to talk to us on #soldat.devs on quakenet.

If we hypothetically build a Node.JS version of soldat server, we could have the common part written in C++ and the rest could be written in Javascript.
Today, Node.JS (Javascript) have the biggest open-source community in the internet. And that could be a boost in soldat's expansion.
Think about that?
It's impossible to start a project like that, today?


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