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How hard would it be to create a demo converter?
I know that changes in gameplay, graphics and such will affect how demos look in different Soldat version.
However, the impact can't be that big, and I don't really want to have several versions installed or lose some cool demos forever.

As most simple solution, it could just change the version stored in the demo file?

I think it would be pretty hard.

Sadly there is no other way you have to keep the old versions.
Changes will get worse over time so what you are suggesting is not a solution.
I think even if you patch the demo version you will see some weird stuff already.

The main issue however is that only the devs can write a converter as you need to know the demo format which is equal to the netcode and you have to know all the small changes from version x to y in netcode and gamecode thats a lot of work.

I tried once, but there were so many differences - some major, many minor - that I decided to just give up. Yes. It's difficult.

It would be really cool to have it on avi/mp4 or some other known video format right away after recording. Also saves the trouble of having to open Soldat and play a specific point instead of searching.
Could be awesome if you guys could find a way around the difficulties. :o

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