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ZRPG interface [reg]
« on: August 21, 2013, 07:25:02 am »
This is an interface for servers with Hacktanks Zrpg script.

How to install:
1. Use Google to find out how to install fonts on your system and install Srpgd4.ttf

2. Add the folder "Zrpg" to ".../soldat/costom-interfaces/" and the file "default.txt" to ".../soldat/txt/"

3. Start Soldat, select the interface "Zrpg" in the options and add the Zrpg-server on which you want play to your favorite server list then close Soldat.

4. Go to ".../soldat/txt/font.ini" and change:
- "Font1=BankGothic Lt BT" to "Font1=Sdigi3 Bold"
- "FontBigSize=28" to "FontBigSize=29"

5. Enjoy

(Weapons and gosteks from Heretic Mod, thx to Lord Ivahn)

Menu looks buggy but is useable.
I used the 640x480 resolution and do not know if it works with higher resolutions.
You need registered version of Soldat.

Have fun!
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