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As an SCTFL player, an issue that has been bothering me for a long time and made each match report clumsier is: Screenshots.
Screenshots are getting all messed up in the folder where as you need to find it quickly and efficiently.

My suggestion is create a Soldat SS Manager with the following settings:
• Format option: Save as BMP/PNG/Both.
• Dis-include maps: Check maps from maplist that you don't want screenshots from: "Lothic, HallofHeroes"...
• Create a folder for each date
• Take / don't take photos below x minutes of playing (for !res etc)
• Different date formats for file-name.

If anyone has more things in mind, I'd like to hear.

I hope this is applicable to Soldat. It'll make a great change, whether it's a 3rd side app that allow these settings, or built in-game even better.


Edit: if someone may move it to Developers Corner.
I've been informed it's better to have it there for an app request.

Well, some of the functions that you need are already included into the next version of my ScrCnv :) Here is a quote of it's settings file:

--- Quote ---[Settings]
; Conversion format:
; 0 - PNG, 1 - JPEG, 2 - JPEG 2000
Format = 0
; Encoding quality (for JPEG & JPEG 2000 formats only):
; 0 - worste, 10 - maximum
Quality = 9
; Delete converted BMP files:
; 0 - disabled, 1 - enabled
CleanUp = 0
; Move screenshots into separate game mode sub-folders ('screens\dm', 'screens\ctf', etc.):
; 0 - disabled, 1 - enabled
Separate = 1
; Force displaying of scoreboard (F1 menu) at the end of the round:
; 0 - disabled, 1 - enabled
ForceF1 = 0
; Delete 'endgame' screenshots following the rules described below:
; 0 - disabled, 1 - enabled
SmartDeletion.Enabled = 0
; Time in seconds before which 'endgame' screenshots will be automatically deleted.
; So, if you don't want to store 'endgame' screens created after early map restarts
; (e.g. first minute of the game), then set value to 60:
SmartDeletion.Time = 60
--- End quote ---

Unfortunately the latest version is not ready yet (due to lack of enthusiasm, as usual) and I can't give the exact date of release.


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