Author Topic: Devlog update (2013-10-27) after release silence, movement tweeks, buildscripts  (Read 3223 times)

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Hello everyone,

some people reminded me of writing the devlog ;) so here it is:

The last few weeks after the release of soldat 1.6.6 were mostly silent.

skoskav was busy but he found the time to test some new movements and tweaks to moveacc which I haven't seen yet.

I was messing around with the build scripts first in batch and later in bash.
The build scripts will be ported to bash, enabling us to build releases from GNU/Linux and OS X in the future.

Besides that I had issues with IPv6 on soldatforums, the repos and other soldat sites :(
FliesLikeABrick is trying to get it fixed so hopefully it will work again soon.

Luckily I can visit these sites with IPv4 tweeks in my browser and SVN works too but I have yet to find out how to get GIT to work (to make it use ipv4 instead of IPv6).

jrgp moved the lobby repo to GIT but I have yet to try it out...
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Thx for the update <3

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I wish I could understand a single word of what you just said lol

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I wish I could understand a single word of what you just said lol

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It's always nice to hear from you, keep the good work!
If you are still fixing Mantis tickets, please let us know

Translating the "bash" thing to English: a dev with linux or Max Operating System will be able to create a version with the fixes (now only devs that are windows users are capable of doing that)
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keep it up devs!
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