Author Topic: Devlog update (2013-12-01) New developers, bug stomping and approaching beta!  (Read 7147 times)

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3 weeks from last devlog, difficult problems with something or is it just lack of free time before christmas? Simple question: can we expect beta version in this year? And if not, when?
I havn't seen much activety in soldat.devs lately so I guess they have been just as busy with christmas as we have. 1 week to put together a beta seams like too little time, but I would guess that much progress will be made in the days after christmas because that's usually when people can relax and come back online.

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There's been work done, though no one bothered posting the devlogs when I was on vacation.

A beta in 2013 is still in the air. There isn't really that much that needs to be finalized, but finding spare time to do it is uncertain.

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Well lets get a dev log posted guys atleast they always make us smile :)

ps. soldat devs not allowed xmas i heard!

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Oeh, I'm filled with cheese and crackers right now. Maybe later.

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Hey, I was okay with not having Christmas, but my family threatened to tie me to the tree and laugh at me while they enjoyed a nice feast if I didn't participate.
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hey i was lazy as fuck too


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Me too.

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Me too (sorry Shoozza)
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