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Tracer Interfaces by: Michal

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Studio 8:
Originally posted by Michal

Credits Goes to: Michal

Hey, I made another interface :]
I was going for a high contrast, glowing look. I think it turned out OK.

DownloadAlright I made an unregistered version. I tried my best but of course there are many limits with the unreg layout.
Enjoy ;]

DownloadOK due to popular demand here are some new nades :P

DownloadHere are some mirror downloads thanks to laughing llamas.

Edit by Lapis Lazuli:

Downloads attached to post.

Links are broken, someone rehost?

Unlucky XIII:
Studio 8, you need to take the " off of the end of the links (in url=blahblah blah.blah, make it...

--- Code: ---REG version with new nades:[url=]Download[/url]
UNREG version with new nades:[url=]Download[/url]
--- End code ---
, then the links will work)

Comments: I have always loved this interface, and I still use it now, it's just the sexiest interface for Soldat I have ever seen! Good work, Michal, and good idea posting this for him, Studio!

EDIT: Until then, use these links:

--- Quote ---REG version with new nades:Download
UNREG version with new nades:Download
--- End quote ---

EDIT EDIT: New links are updated, no need to use my ones anymore.

Wow great interface...:) I rely like thoose bars.

Great Job.

Studio 8:
Downloads Updated!


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