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Flappy... Soldat
« on: March 10, 2014, 06:22:01 am »
I just found really nice server... based on Flappy Birds. Yes, that simple game from Android/iOS market.
I'm Not fan of this game but putting it to soldat is just epic idea!

As I see its probably made by Fryer. Awesome Idea Fryer! + for you

here is this server:
IP: Port: 12345
Flappy Soldat Server

For people that dont know Flappy Birds: its simple game where you control small bird that need to fly through pipes(mario style). It was well know for past few months because creator of it pull it out from Android and iOS market.
Its based on old classic helipad and chopper game(or any other name, there was bunch of game like that in 90').

map Flappy_hellgate is impossible to finish at the end, because you need to hold "D" for the whole time and its impossible to get to the last point without slowing down and go left a bit.

PPS. I could make few maps for it.... If I find time :/
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