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Quick reply in tapatalk doesnt work. Only normal reply :(

I get response from tapatalk that its forum plugin problem not app it self :/

--- Quote ---Please uninstall the old plugin completely on your site and try the new plugin

--- End quote ---

also i found this in tapatalk forum:

--- Quote ---If we change variable $txt['response_prefix'] = 'Re: '; in lanuage file index.[your_language].php quick reply doesn't work.
Possible Android app try to find "Re:" for changing on own value, doesn't find and doesn't send message.
--- End quote ---

I might get to this later today. I don't know why people use that silly app instead of just using the phone's web browser normally.

you get instant notifications.
You get quick look up to posts.
You get simple and fast forum list.
you get unlimited ammount of forum online in the same time(i have 5 forums in tapatalk)
its support all graphics, codes etc.
its take less RAM(but I have 2GB in my xperia so I dont care about that)
and most important: I use my phone just like my pc so i have all important files there and use it very often(with good file explorer that support any file I can get, that why I use my iPad only to check net or watch YT, a bit sad because it have bigger screen than my 5" xperia)


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